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The Corona Project

The corona project was the last oral assessment in International English this year, and I certainly learned a lot from it too. The main thing I got from this project is that it’s important to be critical to everything you read online. Even though its reliable statistics, it might not show the whole picture or story.
When I started this project, I was really unsure about which countries to choose. I originally wanted to compare two countries with very different statistics to present a good and a bad way to handle a pandemic. So that in the end, I could show you a country that we all should follow if this ever happened again. Spain was one of the countries that quickly caught my eye, as my grandmother had some interesting stories when I talked to her on the phone when the pandemic had just arrived in the country for real. Therefore, it became clear that I wanted Spain to be one of my two countries. Later on, I had a discussion with my family about the corona situation. At that point, I h…

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