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Water Crisis

Water crisis  

In the last few years, there have been several places in the world that has suffered from severe drought. Naturally, draught is caused by prolonged shortages in the water supply, however, in later years they have gotten more frequent and worse. This has its reasoning in global warming and severe climate change. Making it even more necessary to drink water from plastic bottles. Two of the places that have been affected the most are Australia and South Africa. How does the drouth affect the people and places it hits?

One example of a town struggling with their water supply is Murrurundi. Murrurundi is a town located in New South Wales, Australia. Day zero is the day the town ran dry and no longer had the water to sustain itself. The town now survive on tanked, and transported water, which is brought in every day from other cities. Every day their water supply must be carted in by 5-6 water trucks. The transported water is poured into something which looks like a mud pool at…

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